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We Offer Art Objects and Fixtures for the Home and Individualized Instruction in Jewelry and Art Metal.


Peter Ostwald

Peter Ostwald's Biography

 Falling Plate Lamp, Beaten Brass Sheet

Objects for the Home 

An Overview of this Site


Learn about Mr. Ostwald's classes and see examples of both his and his students' work.


Art Objects for the Home:

View a variety of representative works such as  Lighting and Lamps, Desk and Table Pieces, Decorative Objects and Fixtures, Sculpture and Custom Bases.


Peter Ostwald's Biography:

See photo and curriculum vitae of the artist.



See examples of restored items and a letter from a satisfied customer.


 Shona Safari:

Read about the artist's Sculpture Safaris in Zimbabwe.

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Peter Ostwald can be reached at (510) 835-7717 and at:


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December 1, 2013